Each June, the National Institute of Flamenco and the University of New Mexico host Festival Flamenco Internacional de Alburquerque, bringing the finest flamenco artists in the world to Albuquerque. For seven days, the city is filled with the pulse of flamenco, and is transformed into a cultural epicenter for the art form. This tradition celebrates flamenco, the ancient form of artistic expression of the Spanish-Gypsy culture. The lure of flamenco is its ability to explore the full range of human emotion with an intense, vibrant quality that leaves audiences and students alike, captivated.

The purpose of this project is to preserve and promote flamenco's artistry, history, and culture among both national and international communities. While the presentation aspect is primarily cultivated for those seeking an aesthetic experience, the educational piece aims to promote unique and culturally relevant learning experiences for artistic practitioners, theorists, and newcomers.

The educational aspect of the festival include a series of over 30 workshops and lectures that address multiple aspects of flamenco, such as the history and development of the art form, dance and rhythmic sound patterns. These classes are available and designed for students of all ages and backgrounds, creating a multi-generational, diverse atmosphere that promotes excellence, knowledge, and personal growth.

By producing Festival Flamenco for over 26 years, New Mexico is regarded as the center for flamenco in the United States, attracting over 5,500 students and patrons to this one-of-a-kind event, unparalleled in the quality of its scope and programming. Festival Flamenco Internacional de Alburquerque is the highest quality, most affordable option for flamenco aficionados and students to participate in as an exciting, visceral festival experience. s a number of festivals celebrating the arts occur annually, it is the precision, vigilance, and cultural relevance in the vision of Festival Flamenco that causes it to stand out against others.

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                             HEADLINE ARTISTS:

                                    Alfonso Losa

                                 Vanesa Coloma

                              Guadalupe Torres

                         La Familia de Los Reyes

                         Pedro Córdoba featuring

                    Javier Latorre & Gema Moneo

                                   Isabel Bayón

                                     Sara Calero



                 Festival Flamenco 31 includes:

50+ Visiting Artists!

8 Main Stage performances!

5 Special Tablao Edition performances!

35 Workshops for all experience levels!

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Scholarships Available for many programs at Festival Flamenco!

Applications for scholarships will be available soon for:

Festival Flamenco Internacional de Alburquerque 2018

Flamenco Kids Camp 2018